Responsibility of Grande Fiore Florist to complete the following:

  • One face to face consultation at a cafe location that the bride and groom choose if required.
  • To assist with flower choices and colour scheme, construction, style, arrangement, style and structure ideas where required.
  • Phone and email communication
  • Site visits when required (A travel fee may apply)
  • Floral Arrangements constructed from final quote. (Flowers unavailable will be substituted with a flower of the same value)
  • Delivery and Set Up on the day or night before depending on requirements.
  • Dismantle pack-down service if required. (Fee applies)
  • Supply of top quality flowers fit for a queen!
  • To have the option to write up an amazing blog post including photos you send us from your photographer about your special day. (We will subscribe you to our email database so you can not miss the post – We promise we will not spam you.)

Responsibility of the Happy Couple to complete the following:

  • Agree to make payments on time. (Final payment is due three weeks before the wedding)
  • Agree to email all changes to Grande Fiore Florist that effect the duties of the florist three weeks prior to the wedding date.
  • After Delivery or pick up, The Happy Couple assume all responsibility for the condition of the wedding order and other goods.
  • Unless the Happy Couple have paid for a pack-down service, It is their responsibility for the prompt return of all hired items to Grande Fiore Florist within three days of their event.
  • The Happy Couple Agree to all terms and conditions outlined below.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

  • By Booking and paying the 30% deposit required, the Happy Couple hereby unconditionally accept the terms and conditions listed.
  • The 30% Booking fee is non-refundable.
  • Grande Fiore Florist Terms and Conditions may be changed without notice.


  • A free one hour consult with Grande Fiore Florist at the Cafe of your choice.
  • Consultation via email only is an option however a face to face consultation is encouraged.
  • The Happy Couple need to notify Grande Fiore Florist if multiple guests are to be expected at the consultation.

Payment Information

  • The preferred method of payment is via bank transaction. Grande Fiore Florist’s bank details can be found at the bottom of each invoice. Cheque payment is not accepted.
  • Grande Fiore Florist require an upfront 30% deposit to secure your wedding date. The non-refundable deposit is required within 2 weeks of acceptance of the quote. 
  • The Happy Couple are welcome to make as many changes as they would like up to three weeks prior to the booked wedding date.
  • This is a non-refundable deposit under any circumstance. We can not hold the date for your wedding without a deposit payment.
  • Final payment stated on your invoice is to be received approximately 3 weeks before your wedding date. The due date will be clearly stated on your invoice. Grande Fiore Florist are not responsible for contacting you with a reminder of the final payment cutoff date.
  • Without the final payment, Grande Fiore Florist will not order your wedding flowers and will not complete or deliver the floral arrangements. A delay in payment may result in a late order. A late order can result in missing out on your desired flower varieties. Grande Fiore Florist is not accountable for disappointment or dissatisfaction because of a substitution caused by a late replacement.
  • Fees may incur for late payments made to Grande Fiore Florist.
  • Flowers will not be delivered to the event unless final payment is made.
  • Grande Fiore Florist will cancel your flowers for your event if final payment is not received three weeks before your booked wedding date.

Hired Items:

  • All items hired from Grande Fiore Florist are the Happy Couples responsibility. The framework for installations and arch are also hire items.
  • If items are returned broken, missing, damaged or dirty the Happy Couple are required to pay for any damage, cleaning or replacement.
  • Silk flowers and silk greenery are to be returned in the condition they went out. Silk flowers and greenery are hire items only. This includes silk flower and greenery on the arch, installations and other hire items (eg. table arrangements) unless stated. There is an option to buy the silk flowers and this can be discussed with Grande Fiore Florist.
  • Items are to be returned safely to Grande Fiore Florist within three days of the event. This is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom. If failure to do so a $150 fee will be charged per day until the items are returned.
  • An additional collection fee will apply in the event that items have been abandoned at the venue and Grande Fiore Florist have to collect them.

Permissions and Floral Installations:

  • Hired items and installations are to be discussed with the venue regarding the ceremony and reception by the Happy Couple and Grande Fiore Florist regarding floral installation construction and hired items that may cause damage.
  • It is the The Happy Couples responsibility to obtain permission on behalf of Grande Fiore Florist to complete any hanging, suspended or other uncommon floral installations at any venue.
  • If work can not be completed due to lack of permission or lack of safety at the venue, Grande Fiore Florist will not be held responsible.


  • Grande Fiore Florist have the right to photograph finished work which may be used as self promotion.
  • Grande Fiore Florist agree to hold off from posting any images on social media until after the wedding ceremony has begun.
  • Photographs from the wedding will be used on the Grande Fiore Florist website, blog, Facebook and Instagram. Our blog is called Blog Botanica. Grande Fiore Florist look forward to you providing images from the wedding. Grande Fiore Florist will seek permission from  your photographer first before publishing the images as the photographer holds copy right over the images shot at the wedding.
  • The Photographer, Hair, Make Up Artist, Venue, Catering, Cake Designer, Bride and Groom will be credited in the blog post. Grande Fiore Florist require a list of vendors used at the wedding.
  • Your email will be added to the Grande Fiore Florist mailing list. Do not worry Grande Fiore Florist will not spam you. It is so you do not miss your blog post.


  • If the Happy Couple spend more the $2,500 on an event with Grande Fiore Florist and request to see a mock up of a table arrangement or bouquet, the Happy Couple will be charged at 50% of the quoted price.
  • The mock up is not for the Happy Couple to keep and remains the property of Grande Fiore Florist. However the mockup can be purchased to keep for the full quoted price as seen on the invoice.
  • The mock up is a rough guide only as not all desired flowers and foliage varieties will be in season at the time of your mock up.

Setup and Delivery:

  • Setup and delivery times for all flowers and sites are outlined and given approximates.
  • The 30 minute time slot is an approximate arrival time only. This does not include the time to set up the event.
  • Grande Fiore Florist is to be kept updated on the delivery times.

In the Event of an emergency: (Force Majeure)

  • If Grande Fiore Florist is unable to perform any of its obligations whether wholly or partly by reason of any cause beyond the control of Grande Fiore Florist (Including without limitation inclement weather, time access inaccuracies, site access failure, unrest or riots, civil commotion, civil or military interference including acts of war or terror), Grande Fiore Florist is to provide a written statement to the Happy Couple outlining full particulars of such force majeure. The obligation of the owner under these terms will to the extent that they are affected by the force majeure, be suspended during the term of the force majeure.
  • Grande Fiore Florist are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Bride and Groom as the result of any delays caused by such force majeure events.
  • The Happy Couple will not be held responsible, accountable or liable to Grande Fiore Florist for any loss or damage suffered to Grande Fiore Florist hired items or arranged goods as a result of damage or loss caused by force majeure events.
  • If Grande Fiore Florist feel that the obligations cannot be met, Grande Fiore Florist reserve the right to cancel any event.
  • In the event of isolated disaster such as damage to the Grande Fiore Florist studio, vehicle or staff causing Grande Fiore Florist to not complete their responsibilities; liability is limited to a full refund of all monies paid to Grande Fiore Florist.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Grande Fiore Florist put their utmost 100% attention to each The Happy Couple on the day of their wedding. By paying a 30% deposit, the Happy Couple secure the services of Grande Fiore Florist for their wedding day. The 30% is non-refundable.
  • In the unfortunate event that your wedding is cancelled, Grande Fiore Florist require a minimum of 60 days notice from the Happy Couple. The Happy Couple are to make all cancellations in writing to Grande Fiore Florist.
  • Grande Fiore Florist have the right to charge a $500 cancellation fee.
  • On cancellation the Happy Couple will receive a refund of the balance paid less the non-refundable 30% deposit amount and less the cancellation fee of $500 if applicable and less any non-perishable items purchased on behalf of the Bride and Groom for their event (vases, ribbon and other non-perishable items). 
  • A fee of $70 per hour for time incurred in meetings, mock-ups, emails, planning, quoting and sourcing made by Grande Fiore Florist for the event.
  • The additional costs stated are considered liquidated damages to Grande Fiore Florist in the event of a terminated wedding by the Happy Couple on orders cancelled within 60 days of their event.
  • No refunds are extended to the Happy Couple on orders cancelled within 60 days of their event.
  • No refunds for cancellation of individual items within 60 days of the Happy Couples event. Any flowers for those items will be used to upgrade the arrangements purchased.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

  • The Happy Couple hereby unconditionally accept the terms and conditions by booking a wedding with Grande Fiore Florist and paying the 30% deposit required.
  • Grande Fiore Florist Terms and Conditions may be changed without notice.

For further information or to query any of the our terms, please contact Rebecca via email:

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