Australian brides are fortunate when it comes to picking flowers for their weddings. Our location makes it easy to import gorgeous exotic flowers and our climate is wonderful at growing a variety of blooms, not to mention the amazing native flowers here!  We have put together a list to help you pick your bridal blooms and if your favourite flower is not in season, not to worry mixing faux silk flowers with fresh is the way to go, not only do they look real but you can keep them for ever to remind you of your special day. Silk hydrangea is most popular when mixed with fresh flowers as they have the tendency to wilt very quickly when out of water for long periods of time and we want your photos to be perfect.

Alliums                                             Nov-Jan
Alsrtomeria                                      Jan-Dec
Anthurium                                       Jan-Dec    
Arum Lily                                         Aug-Nov
Arum Lily – Golden Goddess        Jan-Dec
Baby’s Breath                                  Jan-Dec
Banksia (Baxteri)                           Jan-Mar + Nov-Dec
Banksia (Coccinea)                        Jun-Sep
Banksia (Hookerana)                    Apr-Jul
Banksi (Menzeii)                            Apr-Jun
Brunii                                               Mar-May
Boronia                                            Aug-Oct
Beehive Ginger                               Jan-Dec
Bird of Paradise                             Jan-Dec
Blackberries                                   Nov-March
Blushing Bride                               May-Nov
Calla Lillies                                    Oct-Mar
Celosia                                             May-Nov
Crab Claws                                     Jan-Dec
Daffodils                                         May-Sept
Delphinium                                    Oct-May
Frangipani                                      Jan-April
Freesia                                             Jan-Dec
Geraldton Wax – Bud                    May-Jul
Geraldton Wax – Flower               Jul-Sept
Gerbera                                            Jan-Dec
Gladioli                                             Jan-Dec
Gymea Flower                                  Jul-Oct
Heliconia                                           Jan-Dec
Hippeastrum                                    Oct-April
Hyacinth                                            Mar-Oct
Hydrangea                                         May-Nov
Larkspur                                             Nov-Dec
Iris                                                       Jan-Dec
Irish Bell / Molucca Balm                  Sept-May
Ivy Berry                                             Jun-Feb
Ivy Foliage                                          Jan-Dec
Jasmine                                               Jul-Oct
Jonquil                                                May-Sept
Kale                                                      May-Jul
Kangaroo Paw                                    Sept-Nov
Lavender                                             Nov-Mar
Leucadendron – Silver Red              Jan-Dec
Leucadendron –  Lime Green          Jan-Aug
Orchid -Singapore                             Jan-Dec
Orchids – Cymbidium                       Jul-Oct
Orchids (Phalenopsis)                      Jan-Feb + Nov-Dec
Peony                                                   Nov
Peony Rose                                         Oct-Dec
Peppercorn                                         Mar-Jun
Pineapple Flower                               Feb-Mar
Berry                                                     Mar-May
Protea                                                   April + Jun-Sep + Dec
Protea King + Queen                         Oct-Jan
Ranunculi                                            Jul-Oct    
Rose                                                      Jan-Dec    
Rose – French                                     Jan-Dec
Rose – Garden                                    Jan-Dec
Rose – Minature                                 Jan-Dec
Rose – Spray                                        Jan-Dec
Stock                                                     Jul-Sept
Succulent                                             Jan-Dec
Sunflower                                            Jan-Dec
Sweet Pea                                            Jan-Dec
Tetragona nut                                     Mar-Sept
Tuberose                                              Dec-April
Tulip – Ice                                            Feb-Dec
Tulip – Monet                                     Jun-Oct
Violet                                                   Jul-Sept
Waratah                                              Aug-Sept
Water Lily                                           Oct-Nov



Photographer @_celestejane_
Model @ella_norwell
Dress @arlenepietersen
Hair Katie Wilson
Make Up K’s Hair & Make up
Florist Grande Fiore Florist